Are you an Indiana High School Senior who did not finish with a Diploma?  Are you between the ages of 18-22?  Do you live or work in Indiana and have at least 30 Credits?

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The Daleville Graduation Opportunity School is being established to help students who were in their Senior year and did not graduate. If you had 30 credits or more, and were falling short of the Core 40 requirements, you may be eligible for attaining an Indiana General  Diploma.

Statistically, every year many students give up when in reality they may be very close to getting a diploma.  Statistics show that 45% of workers in the fast food industry, or big box stores did not finish high school with a diploma.  Don’t let not having a diploma hold you back from attending Community College, or getting an internship in the trade school environment.


Not everyone is going to go to college.  College is not for everyone, but not having a diploma may continue to hold you back for many years.  We will evaluate your individual situation and let you know what it will take to get you finished!


What is an Indiana General Diploma?

What is it?

A general diploma that was considered an "opt-out" of the Core 40 diploma


Complete your High School education by completing 40 credit hours of study

Is it recognized?

Employers and colleges both recognize general diplomas for employment and application!

When can I get it?

Our advisors will work with you to come up with a schedule that works for you! 

What can Daleville Graduation

Opportunity offer me?

  • Small group sizes

  • Personal attention from a mentor who will review your past work and set up a plan to get you finished.

  • Both a Virtual and Blended learning (paper option) approach.

  • Encouragement.

  • Help when you need it.

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I'm ready to get my Diploma! How can I sign up?